Geheimnis # 31 – grüner Salon

Grüner Salon

 grüner Salon

© by Florian Fritsch
(Klick macht groß)

Among my daily demons call it a deficit an emptiness inside

All my life I had this funny little feeling / It came and went time and again among my daily demons / Call it a deficit, an emptiness inside / Why is true love hard to find? Why does true love hide? / But now I found you and I know that we will be / So very happy, if you could only see / That I was made for you and you were made for me / The road in front of us is long and it is wide / We’ve got beginner’s luck, we’ve got it on our side / If you are willing, well, I think I’m qualified / And with beginner’s luck we’ve gotta take the ride (Eels)